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    The comments on Keysafe made me think of passing this on. Both my daughter and I live alone with a dog and she also has other animals to care for. Both of us country dwellers and she is a long way from any neighbour. Neither of us has anywhere/anybody particular that might be alarmed if we failed to turn up on that day. We both carry phones in case of accident but were concerned about our animals if something more serious happened. I now have 2 systems going. My nearest neighbour (in a similar situation) and I have visibility points where we can check each other. She raises a small flag each morning and I raise a red bucket so that we know we survived the night and these are taken down each afternoon. I call my daughter 3 times a week and email her on the other days. Her method is to call my house phone with just 3 rings early each morning. These methods cost nothing and give us animal lovers peace of mind.


    My niece and I,  who live nearly 1000km apart, e-mail each other every day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening.

    We both have information about who to contact if the emails are not answered.

    If the internet happens to be down,  we send each other an SMS instead.


    abirdo and rob, good posts and hints for those who live alone.   There are also systems run by either govt or councils, whereby someone calls a person each morning.   Not sure how it works, but if there’s no family, it might be worthwhile to make enquiries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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