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    Were I able to speak to the good old US of A, I would say:
    Why are the white skinned population so frightened of the black skinned population?
    Why are some white skinned people permitted to lash out so violently?
    I would further comment:
    The harm and outrage suffered by the black skinned population makes the work of Hitler look like a sunday picnic?
    It troubles me that such negative racism is allowed to flourish.
    It is a kind of war there, so an armistice is needed?
    I am all for positive racism, but not the negative variety which appears to be practiced in the US of A.
    I ask myself: why are they so blind to the reality of the harm they are doing?
    Is their mental acuity severely limited?
    Or is it just raw and  irrational Fear which drives them?
    The way out of their dilemma is a one-way street which all must travel together.
    Aggression must cease, and the ‘aggressed’ must allow positive feeling to take hold?
    Ill feeling should be left behind like a station passed by a fast moving train.


    I regret the title of my post is inadequate.
    It should have read: Mr George Floyd.
    His memory deserves the greatest respect.

    Craig SwansonCraig Swanson

    My reply to you William is it is a two way street dilemma. Every death is a tragedy as is Mr George Floyds. The fact that he is an African American is in my view the major catalyst for this unrest in the good old US of A. Not the first time the American streets have been turned into battle zones due to a colored man being detained or arrested. If I am a white American I am starting to get a touch peeved by this.. specially since America is reeling from the coronavirus. Its economy does not need this further hit to it. Are there white Americans being killed in custody? I say most likely yet do we see it on our television news same as when the victim is black. No not that I can recall. It is the fact that the assault of a colored person by a cop always seems to be filmed that sparks the unrest.


    The looting, injury  and destruction taking place now is a disgrace.   We are supposed to be living in a civilised society with a system of law that says innocent till proven guilty.


    There is no excuse for the wanton looting, destruction and injury  that is taking place.    They are cowards with their hoodies and masks, hiding behind Covid 19.




















    The Australian





    Craig SwansonCraig Swanson

    Correct. It does appear the cop is guilty of manslaughter as he placed his leg on George Floyd’s throat for several minutes. Why when his cop mates were there and made no attempt to stop him? This is the reason for such African American outrage. My point is that this outrage is now over the top. All it has done is incite further outrage from some suss elements.. a far left leaning mob that Trump is calling terrorists.


    No one of any race should be treated like Mr Floyd was. I agree with Salina there is no need for the looting etc that’s going on in America.
    Today in the news I see that in NSW an indigenous teenager has been treated badly by a policeman. Will this just fuel the fire that began in Australia after the George Floyd tragedy with people protesting about deaths in custody I hope not.I hope all Australians black or white are better than Americans.


    Now there are 12 other people dead in America due to the disgraceful behaviour of those involved in the mayhem. What is wrong with people.
    We all get angry about something at times but does it really help the situation to create more anger and now more deaths. I wonder if these same people join in anti war protests.
    I see children among the crowds, why are they being taught hatred and violence. It’s all so sad and unnecessary.
    Stop this world I need to get off please to go to a nicer planet.


    My response has been a little delayed…

    I didn’t know Mr George Floyd.
    Whether he was a good person or a bad person is not important.
    He was a person. That is what matters.
    He was suspected of a relatively minor non-violent crime.
    He was in police custody.
    He should have been safe.
    He wasn’t.
    He died in their care.
    Someone needs to explain this.
    Those with the authority to do so should do so, immediately.
    The public is entitled to an explanation, and an explanation it must have.
    All persons need to stand back and listen quietly to the explanation.
    If accountability is revealed by that explanation, a lawful response must be swift and positive.
    And as all law should be, it must be exercised without fear or favour.
    I need to add that I understand the passion of the people.
    But I do think they should not demonstrate in the destructive way they appear to have done.
    I applaud Mr Floyd’s brother for his public statements.

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