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    Samantha Hagen

    Just joined and retired business owners – I like listening and exchanging ideas which we hear more off these days. Too much that is not always what we want to hear politically. Exchanging ideas. And gripes.

    Mine right now is water – shocked to find out it is being traded as an investment and even being bought by overseas interests, meaning our farmers are being charged huge sums for badly needed water in this dry continent.  that sure needs to be returned to being tied to the land for sure.  We haven’t always been told details but with the internet, we know can find out more than they like in Canberra for sure!

    And shocked to find yesterday our farmers were turned down for an increase in their sales of milk by 1 vote. And Libs Nats Center Alliance were against it – well that is one huge surprise to me. Maybe corporate interests have finally taken over completely or bought in?

    I pay between $3.90 and $4.20 for 2 liters of pasteurized milk.  We have not drank the crap milk since 2008 when found milk by Ashgrove famous for their cheeses all marked down and bought the lot. Around 10 litres and it went way past use by due date and tasted first off – bit rich but got used to it and took me back to childhood when all milk was just pasteurized.  And Ashgrove cheese is famous for its richness as their herd gives particularly creamy milk. But hubby was impressed with their Yellow Top as it really was LOW fat – cant have low fat if homogenized can we? Because that sticks the whole lot together so it doesn’t separate seemingly. But there it is on the shelf!

    Read a survey in 2008 where 2 Scandinavian countries were compared one of homogenized and one pasteurized and heart/stroke rate on latter was down in low teens where the homogenized was similar to Australia’s at the time – far too high and a lot closer to 70/80’s than should be! Not sure if still on Google as so much seems to have disappeared lately.

    So milk is very much on my mind as they say we once had thousands of dairy farms and now down to 600 approx. And if nothing done soon more will walk off and where will that leave Australia? Sadly seems importing milk fm China – who have bought up dairy farms here to ship it back home as their milk is contaminated.

    So why are our politicians not all doing more to help today right now and keep our farmers on the land. Where is the indignation?

    What do you all here think? Inquiring minds want to know as our Pauline was once famous for saying!




    I think the few of us here welcome new input and new views on topical matters.
    So I for one am pleased you are helping to make that happen.


    Welcome Samantha.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Welcome from me also Samantha


    Hi everyone- I havent been here for some while , my brain feels like its not working properly as I am very tired, we have been really very busy and out almost every day. I hope I last for the xmas period and then New Year, although on looking at the entries in our diary I am not sure if I will.

    Welcome to Samantha hope you enjoy your time with us all.


    Welcome Samantha !

    Samantha Hagen

    Thanks to all – see many of you love dogs too.



    Hi Samantha.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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