Hooray lock-down is lifted

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    Well most of  the lockdowns have been lifted masks still to be worn till xmas UGH!  we know why and agree but they are annoying , but  we can now travel to visit family —well I think we can?  and hooray shopping is now back on . WE  had to go out out this morning and was lovely to see all the folk in and out of the shops and sitting and having a coffee at their favorite coffee bars, we were also able to visit one of our favorites as it has been out of our travel distance range


    Dusty WADusty WA

    It must be a relief to get a bit more freedom, Bettym..I just hope and pray that you all stay safe and all the hard yards were not in vain


    Thank you Dusty, yes I guess our Daniel Andrews has his fingers crossed that another spike of the Virus won’t occur. But there has always been a few folk that don’t agree with our lockdowns and reckon its just a bout of the Flu, so they then get really upset when they get fined for not obeying the rules.


    Lets all hope the buggers do not spoil it by going back to pre dovid ways. Some do not care.
    They are encouraged to disobey rules by Sky news etc.
    Most would not last five minutes in the army.
    Enveryone is antli rules.
    No discipline thejse days.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    No Tiv ,discipline has long departed long ago for the most part these days,it is all Me, me, me, and to hell with the rest .


    Discipline is a product of reasoned behaviour?
    When discipline goes, it usually means reason has gone out of the window?
    But I don’t think things are as bad as some would say.

    Covid-19 came, and we had a crisis to deal with.
    Good men stepped up and used reason to do so.
    Daniel Andrews has done the very best he could.
    Victorians should thank him, and not deliberately ‘defy’ him.
    Here in the west, Mark McGowan has shown his mettle.
    We are fortunate we have him at the helm.

    The ‘rules’ put in place have been irksome for many, but these are not normal times.
    We must accept the awkwardness of the rules as best we can, and do our bit to help things get back to ‘normal.
    I am sure mistakes have been made by those in control, but overall we have gone in the right direction.
    Reason has won the day?
    So I am not as pessimistic as some seem to be.

    Just imagine what it would be like if we had ignored the problem, and tried to continue with life ‘as usual’.
    Many more would have died, and fear and suspicion would have flourished?
    Petty crime would have been on the up?

    And please remember all the men and women involved in caring for the sick.
    And those who were right on ‘the front line’, dealing with the outbreaks.
    Protective clothing didn’t always save them from harm and worse.
    But they did their job.
    They did what they thought was right, and we are the ones who reap a massive benefit.
    We are so so lucky.
    We should be superbly and eternally grateful.
    If we cannot see that, we are selfish, narrow minded, and one of that ‘me me me’ brigade.

    Sorry if this has been a bit off topic, but I need to express strong feelings now and then. ^_^


    Bettym enjoy your freedom and pray that it lasts.
    Beatrice it certainly looks grim in the UK and Europe😊

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Sorry things are looking so grim Beatrice Stay safe if you can

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