I was a Wanted Woman

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    Compared with how this Mansion in front of me, appeared with the shack of four years ago, I wondered dare I call out(however that tree with all those Mangoes hanging & I needed 6 of those Mangoes badly for the chutney I hoped to make!)
    Bravely (I wasn’t!)but I called out asking,”Does Luke still live here?”Suddenly a woman appeared & saying to my astonishment, “Are you the woman who makes that delicious Mango chutney?”
    Now it was four years since I last called there, no one home, so I picked a few of those many hanging Mangoes, also leaving a note in the Letter Box, telling the owner, my name ,home address & phone number.
    Later with a bottle of Chutney I returned to the place where I’d stolen the mangoes, the young man who lived alone, telling me the place had belonged to his grandmother. He like Mango Chutney & so did his mother, it was her Birthday(putting the hard word on me for a bottle for her!)to which I was quite agreeable
    Moving back 3years I’d had a Fall & a Fracture, no going out for 3 months(there was such a good crop of mangoes too!)Next year, not a Mango to be seen anywhere on the Coast!Now,at the beginning of this year a fine crop of Mangoes going to waste(not if I was having anything to do with it!)The lady having greeted me with delight, told me she’d been searching for me everywhere without success. She now has the Mango Chutney Recipe plus a few bottles of the Chutney!

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Good story Tulip It is nice to be wanted Eh?



    What a lovely story Tulip it would leave a lovely feeling in your mind and body.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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