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    I watched the Einstein Hawking programme on SBS.
    A few idle thoughts of my own wafted past me on butterfly wings.
    I have heard it said ‘never let a butterfly flutter by’, so I decided to write a few of them down.
    I did, then had to edit severely to get to the following.
    It is clear that a single particle behaves quite differently from a large group of particles clumped together.
    A simple analogy might be the movement of people themselves.
    One person alone, on a flat surface, could move quite quickly in any direction.
    But a large number of people in a close group would not be as agile?
    There would be the effective inertia of the group to slow it down.
    It seems small particles go faster by themselves than when clumped together?
    Small means fast, and large means slow?
    So why does light travel at the fastest speed we know about?
    If it is at the maximum possible, particles in a beam must be the smallest possible?
    Were the particles smaller, they could go faster?
    And if these particles were to be clumped together in to a solid mass, the mass would not be able to travel as fast?
    It follows that a spaceship will never reach a speed close to that of light?
    Its mass will work against that happening?
    A parallel thought is that dark matter must be made of particles smaller than those existing in a beam of light.
    So small they can pass easily through solid matter.
    And, conversely, solid matter such as planets and spacecraft, can pass easily through dark matter.
    Dark matter must be all around, and close to us, right now?
    The particles of dark matter being so small, they could go super-fast, and produce frequencies far above any we can presently observe?
    All very confusing isn’t it?
    And how do you measure distance accurately when everything is on the move?
    There is no stable and stationary starting point for your observations?
    So EVERYTHING must be relative?
    Now, away from these realms of simplified fantasy, and back to roast dinners and Covid-19…


    There is something I should clarify.
    Dark matter is the name give to material which calculation shows us must exist, but which we cannot observe.
    We know it must be somewhere, but where?
    I don’t want anyone to get worried that they will open a cupboard door and it will flood out all over them.
    They won’t find it hiding under a bed either. (no need to cut the legs off!)
    Until recently it was a mystery.
    Then large amounts of material were found hiding behind ‘a galaxy far far away’.
    (those phrases are useful sometimes aren’t they?)
    No doubt ‘dark matter’ is pocketed away in all sorts of places.
    It is not conveniently spread out evenly through space.
    When we find it all, it won’t be dark matter anymore, will it?
    It will be light and bright matter?

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