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    Williamthebold we thought the jokes just so funny laughed and laughed.
    I used to write jokes now and then but these days I never seem to hear any or if I read them I cant remember all the words, so thank you for giving us a good laugh now and then>


    You are most welcome Betty. Thank you.
    I am glad you found them palatable.
    Sometimes I write down what I remember about a joke, and sometimes I take text sent to me and ‘brush it up’ to make it more logical.
    In the latter instance, I have to admit that I sometimes delete a few words which I consider are a bit ‘over the top’.
    Either way, the end result seems to be acceptable.
    I have to admit also that I have benefitted greatly from the humorous ‘stories’ which others have posted here over the years.
    So thank you from me too, to all who contribute here.
    And with tongue in cheek, I say that I hope father xmas brings me a very big (empty) stocking this year.
    That way when I hang it up next year, he will need to add more presents than usual to fill it up.  ^_^  ^_^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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