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    Dusty WADusty WA

    I just read that Trump  has offered Julian Aussage (Spelling) a pardon in exchange for lessons on email hacking .Isn’t that a crime? What a sleazy grub Trump is .If he was any kind of a man he would pardon him for telling the truth Others may not agree , but I think the way he has been treated is diabolical, and Australia has done precious little to save him



    Julian did nothing more than publish some damning evidence which was supplied to him as a publisher. That damning evidence seriously implicated the American troops in the murder of un-armed civilians  while serving in Afghanistan. The US Government is determined to make him pay for daring to tell the truth. Now that Trump person is saying “I’ll let you off if you help me break the law.”

    Where on earth will it end?



    Two really fine posts …nothing to add.


    Politicians tend to forget they are paid employees.
    They are employed to keep a country on track.
    They should not hide their activities from the people?
    The people are entitled to know ALL that is being done for them?
    Even if not asked for an update every day, information about government activities should be available?
    Governments are given carte blanche, and should not repay the people’s trust by treating them as fools?
    It has no right to commit gross indecencies in the name of the people, then pretend it didn’t?
    The problem is that once a framework, or system of government, is established, it can be difficult to change.
    Difficult to make a government see sense, and do things differently.
    A ‘culture’ develops, and  this can be difficult to overcome.
    ‘That is how we have always done it’, might be the response.
    There are a multitude of laws and procedures which were framed in ‘the good old days’, which, in the light of our current understanding of humans, are clearly ridiculous instruments, even to the point of being absurd.
    But they remain ‘on the books’ for a ‘rainy day’.

    All of us should be grateful when the likes of Mr Assange take it upon themselves to keep people informed of a government’s shortcomings.
    Those governments should also be grateful?
    They then have the opportunity to make corrections?
    Why are they not doing so?
    There would certainly be a few occasions when information should be withheld by a government in the short term, but definitely not forever.
    All this ‘cloak and dagger’ business: members pretending they are far more important than they are.
    This does not impress Mr Citizen?
    And in some places, visiting extreme cruelty on a person who is courageous enough to reveal what is happening.
    That is disgraceful.
    Confining them in a small space.
    Cutting them off from everything, even sunshine, for a hundred years?
    How absurd.
    It degrades the perpetrators of this barbarism in the eyes of anyone who has at least half a brain.
    The government do it because they can.
    They do it partly because they think it is the right way to behave.
    They think like this because they lose sight of reality when they become embroiled in their game of ‘one-upmanship’ with other governments.
    They get away with gross indecencies because they are a stronger physical force?
    But they are not a stronger mental force.
    It is mental strength which gives us our long term security?
    This can be achieved by EDUCATING all individuals to a point where they can see and understand basic truth and reality?
    Governments would then cease to be a potential thorn in the side of civilisation?


    Hear hear WtB.


    What ever one thinks of Asange he has been through hell. Lets show compassion. Bring him home.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I seriously doubt that the current crop even understand the word



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