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    A man fails his law exam.
    He goes to his professor and says:
    ‘I am not happy about failing my exam.
    It seems I don’t know as much as I thought I did.
    Tell me Sir, do you know everything about the law?’
    ‘I think I know almost everything’ says the professor.
    ‘Then it is not likely I could ask a question which you would not be able to answer?’ queries the man.
    ‘That is true’ says the professor.
    ‘Well’ says the man, ‘if I CAN ask you such a question, will you change my fail to a pass?’
    The professor thinks awhile, and then says: ‘yes, if you can show me you are THAT clever, I will do as you wish.’
    ‘Ok says the man. The question is this.
    What things are legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal?’
    The professor is surprised, but takes the question seriously, and thinks hard.
    After a longish time, he realises he is stumped.
    So rather sheepishly, he changes the man’s fail to a pass.
    The man leaves quickly, leaving the professor still pondering the answer.
    The professor thinks about it for some days without being able to reach any conclusion.
    He doesn’t want to risk losing face in front of the student who asked him the question, so he decides to ask some of his other students.
    He gathers a few together, and repeats the question to them.
    ‘Do any of you know the answer?’ he queries.
    To his surprise, all of them say ‘yes, I do.’
    He is amazed, and asks one of them to explain.
    ‘It is like this’ says that student.
    ‘You are a very old man who is married to a young woman.
    That is legal, but not logical.
    Your young wife has a lover whom you don’t know about.
    That is logical, but not legal.
    Her lover failed his law exam, but you changed his fail to a pass.
    That is neither logical nor legal.
    THAT sir, is the answer to your question.’

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