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    Writing about toilet paper made me remember those early days and me helping my father in his grocery shop. Remember biscuits in all their tins ? we used to put broken biscuits in to paper bags for the children,  I think we charged a penny for the bags of biscuits. Gosh remember pennies? I wonder if all those tins were just thrown in the tip?? also potatoes came in big hessian bags in which we used a big metal scoop to scoop out the spuds, also sugar. Butter came in big square blocks likewise cheese ,and they were lifted onto big wooden blocks with a wire cutter that we pulled down  to cut off the size or weight that you wanted , then wrapped in paper. Can’t remember what we charged though. I still have one set of brass scales and some weights that used to be used in the shop.  Oh. Memories Memories!!!


    I remember as a child going into Sainsbury’s in England where I used to love watching the butter getting cut and then patted into shape with two wooden paddles then wrapped in greaseproof paper.
    When I first came to Australia in the 60’s ,I worked in a hardware store where nails and screws were sold loose. We would weigh them according to the customers needs. Customers bought their kerosene containers in for a refill from a pump in store.
    Who can forget our fish and chips wrapped in white paper then in newspaper.
    The only supermarket I recall in the UK was Tesco.
    I think Sainsbury’s in the 50’s was more like a deli.
    As you say bettym ,oh the memories


    Great topic.
    I remember we had neighbours we talked to, even visited.
    Over the fence chats !
    I still make a pot of tea no awful tea bags.
    Roasting spuds on the open fire.
    The ice man baker and of course the dunny man.
    Coles cafeteria.
    playing under the hose
    Later we thought when we got a canvas wading pool it wasnreally something


    Lovely topic thanks BettyM. I remember …

    • Milking the cow, separating the cream, patting the butter.
    • Heating the flat iron on the wood stove and the sprinkler bottle.
    • Riding the cow to catch the horse, the horse and cart and the sulky.
    • The kerosene fridge and the copper for washing.
    • The T-Model Ford and the ex-army truck.
    • Lying on the cow to warm up on frosty mornings and my pet pig LOL.


    Oh Rachel thank you for reminding me,    about the wooden paddles to pat the butter into shape In fact I still have two of those wooden paddles used for the butter  still in use I  use them to flip over the stir fry vegetable’s  and other things in the pan etc. But after all this time they are starting to look  well used and I dont think they will last much longer.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Tiv mentioning the dunny reminded me of our night man from way back.Not far from where we livid ,,two roads met at the top of a hill and the night ccart tipped over and of course the mess had to be seen to be believed ,but the bloke headed straight for the cabin.Someone shouted “Hey mate ,there is nothing in that mess to save” ,The dunny man  then declared “Yes there bloody is,my jacket was on the seat ,and my lunch is in the pocket “


    I used to laugh when my Mum recalled the good old days. I think she may now be sitting on her cloud in heaven laughing at me.
    How we easily forget some memories until someone else mentions them.


    I love this kind of topic.
    Friendly no nasty stuff.
    Lovely memories.
    I also remember sitting by the fire listening to radio plays.
    I can recall a radio play Little Boy Lost.
    Oh and Jack Davey.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Blue hills,Dad andDave, All good memories

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