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    Corona virus has spread and spread.
    We are aware of this happening.
    But it had to start somewhere.
    If you were in charge of the country where it likely started, what would you do to avoid extremely adverse public opinion?
    Create a major distraction to draw attention away from yourself?
    And as the best form of defence is attack, would you do just that?
    Initiate international ‘situations’ wherever possible?
    Pursue, forcefully, a resolution of each situation in your own favour?
    Create such a ‘smokescreen’ of activity, that it would lessen scrutiny of any earlier shortcoming?
    But, all the time you would know that other nations knew what you were up to?
    That would sort of take the shine off your brilliant manoeuvre?
    And it would expose your true self to all who cared to notice?


    The virus seems tonhave started in China.
    Still we need more information.
    Having said that the anti Chinese sentiment in this country and other countries is a distrace.
    I got this from a lovely Chinese friend.

    I am one of the approximately 70 million Chinese living outside China, most of us are not even born in China and yet we are caught between trying to be good citizens of our adopted country and the realization that non-Chinese will always see us as Chinese whenever we conduct ourselves not in line with their accepted set of behaviour and agree with their thinking and values. It is a conditional acceptance.

    Before I went to England for my studies, I never felt like a Chinese in Singapore. I felt that I am a Singaporean, as I was born there. I don’t even feel much attachment to the land that my father came from. It was only in England that I realized that people sees me as Chinese. I began to explore my ancestral roots and became very proud of my culture and history of the Chinese Civilization.

    However, it is sad to read about the history of overseas Chinese, so many were discriminated, killed, bullied, just because they have Chinese roots. To me, God made the human race and there should be only one race, irregardless of the colour of our skin. Our blood are all red and souls that God loves equally.

    Let us join in prayer that the non-Chinese will be able to accept those of Chinese roots as just a member of the human race. Let us pray that one day, racial discrimination will be a thing of the past.


    Thank you Mr Tiv.
    As usual, your post provides a lot to think about.
    I would like to add a couple of comments if I may.
    Quoting from the first line of your chinese? friend:
    I am one of the approximately 70 million Chinese living outside China, most of us are not even born in China….
    If not born in china he is not chinese?
    And whilst I have sympathy for the writer, the choice is his.
    He can choose to fit in to his (new) society, or not to do so.
    There is a lot of sense in the saying ‘when in rome, do as rome does’.
    Our first allegiance is to the country of our birth, whilst we continue to live there?
    Should we need to move (permanently) to another country, whether for personal or perhaps urgent reasons, we should transfer our allegiance to that new country?
    Become totally absorbed in to it?
    If it is australia, wear a hat with corks, eat steak and eggs for breakfast, brew ‘billy tea’ over an almost smokeless fire, and swear like a trooper when necessary? ^_^
    And learn the language!
    If you try not to fit in, if you continue to live a way of life foreign to australia, you are are doing yourself, and everyone else, a disservice?
    It is also an insult to the country which has given you a safe home.
    Now I am off to the doctor. Maybe she will increase my meds? ^_^


    Ok. William. Wear a mask!


    Whilst I was out, for the first time ever, I purchased some face masks on a ‘just in case’ basis.
    One never knows what the future holds.
    I must have got a thought message from you Mr Tiv?
    Very very few people here are wearing masks by the way.
    And no increase in meds for me either.
    I take three basic tablets daily. Nothing exotic or drastic.
    So I guess I am lucky.
    I know of people who seem to take dozens.
    A few of our august nights have been a bit chilly.
    But not long to summer now.
    This year, the weeks have simply flown by.
    I can hardly believe the year is so advanced.
    It seems like only yesterday we were in the middle of a sweltering summer.
    Oh well! Soon be xmas again.
    Always something to look forward to.
    Sorry to get off topic, but I suppose any words are better than none?

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