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    Last week I managed to see this film starring Dame Judi Dench. It was really interesting as it was based on a true story. I thoroughly enjoyed it but then Judi Dench is always terrific in every film she stars in.
    The story starts when the elderly British widow Joan Stanley (Dench)is arrested by the Secret Intelligence Service Accused of being a spy for the KGB.
    Joan then relives the dramatic glory ( if you can call it that) of the days of her youth when she was caught up in the world of spying.

    The film therefor has many flash backs which can be disconcerting at times. When all this eventually came out the British Government didn’t prosecute her due to her age and that she had moved to Australia many years before.
    I found it quite moving at times. Interesting that Dame Judy Dench played her part with no make up on, therefor showing her age which was essential to the veracity of the filming .


    Thanks for this review Betty. M and I were in Ballarat this morning and I noticed that Red Joan was coming next week to the local Regent Theatre ( a fabulous old movie house). Looks like another trip to Ballarat.


    Re Red Joan, I have read several reviews of this film and all the reviewers have been not impressed with it. The last review said although it was apparently based on a true story about Melita Norwood the film makers had adapted the film from a novel inspired by Norwoods story. They did give the film three stars so guess the reviewer found it not too uninteresting. I thoroughly enjoyed the film but as I said every film with Dame Judi Dench is usually enjoyable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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