Muriel's Wedding

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    Long ago I watched ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ for the first time.
    I remember it was different, interesting, and even rewarding to watch.
    Over the years, it has been rebroadcast on television several times.
    On some of those occasions, I gave it cursory attention.
    Very recently, I decided to give it my full attention when it was rebroadcast yet again.
    I am glad I did.
    As I remembered from before, I found it ‘drew me in’.
    Unlike those movies which are all action, with little to connect a lot of seemingly random scenes, Muriel’s Wedding has a story which can be followed.
    It does ‘loop’ around a bit, so it needs a bit of ‘fancy footwork’ to keep up with it sometimes.
    I am sure there were scenes ‘edited out’ which would have helped with the continuity of the narrative.
    A great pity they needed to be removed?
    The story is told just as much visually as it is with words.
    The locations chosen add to the visual message.
    The camera work was cleverly close up or distant to suit the occasion.
    In my opinion, the angles of the shots showed great perception by those producing the movie.
    They allowed just enough detail to be included, without the viewer being distracted by extraneous visual cues.
    The care taken added to a pleasant viewing experience.
    I found a subtle charm in the movie too.
    It rewards the attention you give it.
    As I said before, it draws you in.
    There were a few odd bits, such as the burnt clothing on the clothes-line at the family home.
    If Muriel’s mother had really burned the grass in their backyard, I think there would have been far more damage.
    The clothing would have been thoroughly burned, not just charred at the edges.
    And the fence would have suffered more too.
    However, I am sure they didn’t want the ‘real thing’ when preparing that scene.
    They did it well enough.
    The ‘message’ from Bob Hawke. A nice touch, skilfully added to the story.
    I am sure he would have needed to give his nod of approval, and I am sure he did so with more than a touch of humour.
    There is nothing offensive in the story. It is all tastefully presented to the viewer.
    A lot of good clean australian fun, with a few choice ‘australianisms’ thrown in for good measure.
    Not the sort of movie you would watch several times a year, but it is worth giving it your full attention when you do.

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