My ten best movies

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    1.Modern Times. Chaplins masterpiece about a little chap trying to survive in a modern industrialised world. Although made in 1936 it remains as poignant as ever. Beautifully directed with stunning visuals.
    2. Amacord. Fellinis visual feast is pure art.
    3.Monsieur Hulots Holiday.. Jacque Tatis observations of humanity and mood extraordinary a masterpiece
    4. Lady and The tramp…ok its Disney and its animated but I love the characters. Those wicked Siamese cats. The score is superb. The scene with Tramp and Lady eating spagetti is beautifully romantic. An animated classic.
    5 Harold and Maude. Probably my all time favourite movie
    6. Field of Dreams. Build it and he will come,!
    7 Harvey. James Stewart is brilliant
    8. Call me by your name. A beautiful masterpiece of modern cinema ..perfectly acted writeen and directed. The scene with the father and the son is brilliant.
    9. Battleship Potempkin
    10. The Big Store. The marx brothers at their manic bezt


    Ok I cant recall some of these movies but do remember’The Big Store ‘hilarious.

    Monsieur Hulots Holiday  Also fabulous

    If I saw some bits of these other movies I may remember them.

    I find it a shame that we now dont get any of these terrific comedy films anymore or the fabulous dancing shows but guess thats just me, the young these days seem to be happy with all the crime and corruption movies. But I always think  its no wonder we have so much crime  in our society these days


    Betty may I recommend Amy Schumers movie TRAIN WRECK. Its rather naughty but there is a scene with John Cenna in a cinema. It is hilairious.
    The whole movie is a delight.

    Not for prudes though.
    You might also like the tv series FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER.

    Please see HAROLD AND MAUDE my favourite movie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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