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    I have just read that Dr Stephen Hagan who wants Coon cheese renamed is now wanting Pauls milk to rename their Smarter white milk.
    Aboriginal people are saying that there’s an inference that it’s for smart, white people, not for smart, black people,’ Dr Hagan told Daily Mail Australia.


    Victoria is done for anyway, but truly, the pc police are trying their best to wreck the rest of the country.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    For Petes sake ,or should it be Pauls sake ,when will it end .This Dr is doing his people no favours by his stupid assaults on things of no importance  .Pity he isn’t spending his time dealing with the real problems ,like the  safety and education of the Kids ,the domestic violence ,the drinking and drug abuse. things that will actually do some good


    My name is Christmas White.
    I will have to change it?
    Combined with my fair skin, the name White somehow gives me an unfair advantage?
    It is in some indefinable way an indication of white superiority?
    And Christmas.
    Well I didn’t have a choice did I?
    But it is a constant reminder to others that their religion might be less than favourable?
    And reading backwards, (I stand on my head to do that) white-christmas is a bit too much to take?
    It definitely indicates christmas is for whites only?
    This excludes a very large number of people?
    It hurts their feelings too?
    What am I to do?
    If I change my name to Pencil Black, will they still find something to complain about?
    (I rather favour the name Pencil by the way)
    Would I then be seen as somehow sinister, being black to the core?
    I don’t see much point in that?
    I seem to be running out of options these days.
    Whichever way I turn, I offend somebody?
    Please, could somebody offer some helpful suggestions?
    But keep in mind that I am less than willing to stand on a railway line when an express train is thundering towards me.

    And being serious for a moment, I would say to those who are quick to find fault, that there are some basic tenets we need to consider.
    Because someone is bigger and stronger, I don’t think that means they are superior.
    Because someone is less smart, I don’t see that as meaning they are stupid or unworthy.
    We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
    Somehow, these seem to balance out, so that our potential worth as people is not all that different.
    And if you make fun of them, they will see that as it is.
    It means you feel inferior to them, and you are trying to ridicule them to make them seem less than you?
    Then you can feel better about yourself.
    But that is in your own eyes only, so it is not a real benefit?
    Time to look carefully as WHY people are finding fault with the words and actions of others?
    What are they really trying to gain?
    Bear in mind that those whose intent they are questioning are almost certainly good persons; persons who would help them in an emergency.
    One would have thought and hoped that the advent of Covid-19 would bring people together with a common goal.
    To overcome the virus, not each other.
    Apparently, this is not to be?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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