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    There seems to be a rash of old movies screening on TV these days

    Hooray I say , the one I just loved the other night was Gene Kelly  in “Singing in the Rain” now that came out  in 1957, wow wee I worked out I was 17 then, but as I  watched I relived my early years and thoroughly enjoyed  the dancing and singing. Loved all the costumes and the lovely looking females.So enjoyable and such a change from all the crime, shootings, car chases,  that seems to be all we get these days, plus  unpleasant looking men and females (my Opinion).


    I too enjoy the cream of movies from long ago.
    As well as the easily followed story, there is the scenery, and the fascinating views of places and streets as they were long ago.
    I also favour repeats of movies.
    Sometimes my viewing is interrupted by something, and I like that, within a day or two, I can see the movie again.

    I think we have time to thank for the good movies we see.
    Not all the movies produced long ago were good.
    Some were downright trashy.
    But only the ‘good’ ones survived, and are still with us.
    The passing of time has filtered out the ‘bad’ ones.
    Today there are likewise good movies and bad movies produced.
    But time has not had a chance to filter out the less desirable.
    So right now they are all in front of us, and we might think that, overall, the standard has slipped.
    I don’t think that is true.
    I think we just need to be more selective with what we watch.
    Not wait for time to work its magic?


    Hey I forgot to mention that after’ Singing in the Rain’  movie  was another great classic ‘Casablanca’ with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. I really wanted to see it, but it didnt start till 9pm and end at 11pm, and no way  would  my eyes stay open  that long.Now that movie came out in 1942 , no I didnt see that movie then.


    Do hope you participated in all the singing and dancing Betty – if only in your remembrances!


    My daughter bought ‘Casablanca’ for me as a present and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What shame Humphrey Bogart died so young, well 57 seems young to me these days.

    yes abirdo I tend to dance around my house when songs I love come on .


    Funny how some movies like Cassablanca Singing In THe Rain stand the test of time yet movies like Ben Hur do not. The chariot race is sill impressive but the acting looks hammy and awful.
    I watched Gone with the wind. Its pretty awful.
    You find it impossible to understand why Scarlet lusted after Leslie Howard. Gable was much sexier.p
    The Ghost andMrs Muir and Harvet are still wonderful.


    Sorry about the bad typos. I meant The Ghost and Mrs Muir and Harvey.


    Hundreds of Old black& white movies here.

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