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    WE keep getting told how many people are out of work and how many families are struggling, therefor I would have thought  stores would have reduced their prices but I am continually amazed at   prices going up especially in the supermarkets . I do realize alot of shops are struggling also  re their rents etc, but if prices were reduced surely more people would come in to buy. but now its a case of ‘good god’ look at that price -they have to be joking  . I am aware of quite a few goodies I used to buy have zoomed up in price. so I dont buy them any more.

    Restaurants are struggling but charging  a hundred dollars  or more a head for just a two course meal is way over the top I think.  Even if the chef is  known as a celebrity ( when did chefs become celebrities’??)


    Bettym, I think that the lockdowns have caused massive expenses.   Even if they are open, they have to comply with many new rules, which in turn, costs money.         At least you are in an area where they can open. This second more serious lockdown in Melbourne and hotspot suburbs would have caused  huge losses.    I am close to a busy area with lots of eateries.   They have had to close their doors except for take-away.    Some have not even bothered to open.

    Many will never open again, not just cafes either.   This wave of virus infections  in Victoria will cost us all eventually.   I wouldn’t want to be of working age or a business owner in Victoria.



    I wouldn’t want to be of working age or a business owner in Victoria.

    Neither would I Salina. Things not good in Victoria at present.

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