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    I watched Q&A on Tv.
    They do tend to ramble a lot don’t they?
    Did they learn this from me?
    There were a lot of red herrings.
    Sarah Wilson was pretty much on track though.
    The discussion was about loneliness.
    I think it would have been more orderly and meaningful had they discussed some of the basics first.

    Loneliness is an instinct.
    An emotion. A state of mind.
    But it is a valuable instinct.
    It tells us that something is wrong.

    We all have a need to ‘belong’ to a group or team.
    This is instinctive behaviour.
    We interact with our group both physically and emotionally.
    Doing so gives us feelings of comfort and security.
    We need the group, and we need to feel needed by the group.
    When these needs are not met, the feeling we know as loneliness creeps in.
    We should take steps to correct the situation, otherwise loneliness can expand to include a sense of vulnerability, or even fear.

    To deal with the situation, we can take steps to ramp up communication with those around us.
    Or, because loneliness is an instinct, we can also use reason to control and direct it to a useful extent.
    Not all persons are able to do the latter effectively though.
    Some cope well, and even flourish in their adversity, whilst others sink in to a state of depression or even worse.
    To understand, control, and direct instincts, one needs to have very sound principles underpinning one’s life.
    And the ability to think logically.
    Many people have faulty principles.
    And they have difficulty being logical.
    Thus they are at a great disadvantage when trying to think their way out of any dilemma.
    They are the ones who need support, to help them through an emotional crisis.

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