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    Do people still read books or has Reading gone out of fashion, replaced by TV perhaps, I’m not referring to the local paper or magazines?
    Would you prefer a game of Cards?
    Most towns have a Library, even a small town with volunteers looking after the Library.
    Our town has a Mobile Library, that visits once a week for 5 hours.


    Tulip,  I still read,  I get books from the op shop,  garage sales,  the library and sometimes buy them from odb.  for all the things like the fancy phone for my money there is nothing as good as holding a book in my hand.

    i’m sure you know what “o d b ” is


    When you talk about books, it brings a jumble of thoughts to my mind.
    These are some of those thoughts that zoom up out of nowhere.

    I like books.
    I like reading them.
    In books, I like the two extremes: extreme fiction and extreme fact.
    When I read fiction, it is for pure escapism.
    Fact is so fascinating, I often cannot stop reading it either.
    It is almost escapism too.
    I read science books as others might read ordinary stories.
    The ‘in between’ stories are ok, but sometimes a bit heavy going.

    Most of the books I read, I own and keep.
    When I look around at the piles and boxes of books I have, I am surprised.
    Did I read all those books, word by word?
    I sure did!
    I am glad I did read them: it involved hours of pleasant involvement in an alternative reality.
    (but it is always pleasing to return to normal life)
    And yes, I do re-read books quite often.

    Newspapers are another matter.
    I gave up reading them forty or more years ago.
    I realised they are simply the same stories with changed names and places.
    So there seemed little point in continuing with them.
    Similarly with magazines, though these do occasionally contain some items of merit.

    When you read a series of books by the same author, written over his lifetime, it is relatively easy to see a different style creeping in as he ages.
    Sometimes I find the early books written have a freshness and a zest lacking in later stories.
    An author in point is Noel Barber.
    My introduction to him was ‘Tanamera’, a ‘can’t put down’ book.
    Another attractiveness I find in books is the way words are used by a clever author.
    Words are chosen so that the meaning and feeling associated with one word is artfully used to enhance another word.
    The text almost paints a picture for you.

    So we are lucky.
    A good book has it all.
    You can be anywhere you like, in any way you like.
    All for the price of the book, and the few hours spent reading it.
    Games of skill such as cards are fine, as is doing volunteer work.
    I am sure we have all done both of those.
    But to my mind the book is supreme.
    And I agree with you Mal.
    For reading, rather than hold a mobile phone or tablet, hold a good book.
    It is far more rewarding.


    The only time I use something different to a hard copy book is when I play an audio book whilst on a long drive. I can never see the attraction of electronic books and yet more gazing at screens. Books are my chief evening relaxation as I so rarely see anything worthwhile on TV.


    We have one whole wall in my husbands study that is full of books, every so often we say about time to get rid of some we don’t need any more, but after maybe about six books removed somehow more books creep in to replace  them.

    One of these days we feel our children will curse us having so many books that they have to get rid of.

    At night the husband does  cryptic  crosswords mostly and I read.   As  abirdo says nothing interesting on TV.


    Reminds me of the time fifty years ago when I decided to clean out my shed.
    After an afternoon’s work, I had half a dozen items outside the shed.
    Later I put a couple of those back inside.
    As all men know, saved items are far too valuable to throw away.
    And this applies equally to books!
    Don’t worry about your children being inconvenienced.
    They invented front-end loaders specially to deal with piles of ‘hoarded’ items such as you appear to have. ^_^
    In my case I think a quick fire through the lot might be quicker.


    I find the library book sales a great source for getting books


    Op shops I find a good place for books. Sometimes the area of town where the op shops have a good supply. Usually there isn’t a great deal of space in Op shops, having once worked as a volunteer in one, so it is better that the Op shop sells the books cheaply, as those of us who are book worms, once we have read the book pass it on to a friend or another Op shop. Libraries are excellent, in the way we are able to make a reservation of one of our favourite authors or when we read of a new book being published.
    One reason why I was enquiring re readers, a non fiction book I mentioned in the Reviews, I noticed though more than 800 read the review, no replies except one member who replied, she was reading a couple of books, might when she finished reading those, might read the one mentioned in the review, so far not heard !

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