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    What I am finding really annoying is every time I open a newspaper or magazine these days there will be a front  page wrap around cover from Harvey Normans furniture stores, or else a five or six page supplement inside the paper or  magazine, and the  goods I think are jolly  expensive. But it must be costing Harvey Norman a real fortune as its been happening for weeks  now . I hope it will stop soon!

    Then just for a change sometimes its a store called Domayne that seems to mostly feature bedding  in several pages. Why do we need such rubbish, its in the bid soon as I see it all.

    This of course is  in Victoria I guess you are not getting it in the other states


    Yes, we are “Getting it” BettyM The Courier Mail (Qld.,) is full of it!


    Ah well, hopefully the paper will be used in a genuine recycycle project.


    Our weekend newspapers are full of advertising lift outs. The actual news part is the smallest. If and when we buy them they are given to our daughter for her wood heater in winter, shredded for pet cages or pet cage floor liners.


    Same with the West Australian – very annoying.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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