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    I am not surprised, the shops don’t seem to cater for their customers very well at all,For example my daughter takes size five in shoes do you think any store has that size? nope! its the childrens racks she has to look at, I take a six and they are becoming hard to find.
    David Jones is in trouble I am not surprised again,at our local shopping centre there is never anyone available in the cosmetic area so you go elsewhere or ask is anyone serving here and they say no but I can possibly help if you know what you want.!
    The racks of clearance lines in clothing seem to be growing I wonder why? the design and colour is usually ugly or every thing seems so long it sweeps the floor if you think I can cut that off, you lose the frill or lace or what ever, the sizes are incredible meaning they catering for very large sizes which is good, but if you want a size ten or even twelve they are hard to find, and why do manufacturers of ladies night wear think we want cartoon characters on our pyjama tops or funny sayings ugh!
    My grizzle for today!!

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I agree Bettym,,Norman Myer must be doing cartwheels in his grave if he can see where his  stores are at now ,looks worse than an op shop most of the time ,service is non existent(you get better service in the op shop as well I worked for Myer for 20 years and sadly watched it on the slippery slide before I retired in 1999.and it has only gotten worse since then

    .Someone forgot to tell the recent supply of management in most places that their staff are their greatest asset if you treat them right


    Sizes are not the same in all manufacturers. It’s hard to go into a clothing or shoe store and no exactly what size you want.
    Shop assistants chat among themselves while serving or are too busy chatting to serve a customer. I’ve even been in a small shop and been served by a person who was still chatting on their phone in a foreign language. I made it quite clear as to how rude I thought he was. Some customers are just as bad going through a checkout or paying for a purchase while still talking on their phone.
    I was always taught that the customer in front of me deserved my full attention. In the office if the phone rang more than three times we got into trouble.
    Not happening these days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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