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    Secrets can be of a very personal nature.
    We shouldn’t need to share details of all our own very personal thoughts and actions with others.
    No one is harmed by our restraint.
    When the government keeps secrets, they do so to prevent an opposing force from gaining an advantage over us.
    If that other ‘force’ knew what we were doing, they could take steps to negate our arrangements.
    Allowing information to be widespread increases the possibility of it becoming known to an ‘opposing force’.
    So we keep it secret to a few.
    This is especially so in times of war.
    It also applies to ‘negotiations in progress’.
    Secrets have a limited life span though?
    They need only be kept until a war is over, or a negotiation completed?
    The idea that ‘secrets’ need to be kept forever is absurd?
    Doing so encourages a feeling of furtiveness and mistrust in a community?
    To say that revealing the truth might ’embarrass’ somebody is also stretching imagination to the limit.
    Making ‘laws’ to allow such a thing is just amplifying and extending the ridiculous.
    In an ideal world, an unjustified law would be ruled invalid.
    However, we are far from perfect, and are stuck with what we have.
    Hopefully, over time, reason will slowly erode the false facade of this dispiriting situation.
    Think of the ‘war time’ secrets which are now common knowledge.
    Are we all worse off because we are ‘in the know’?
    Take ‘Bletchley’ as one example.
    And the ‘secrets’ galore, sprinkled throughout the rest of our history.
    I am sure ‘the many’ can think of a multitude of examples.
    So let’s stop living in a false world.
    Out with unnecessary ‘secrets’, and let people know what has been done on their behalf by governments, and especially why?

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