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    Just had a message on my mobile which said that my overdue bill was about to be deducted from my nominated account. Just a ploy to get people worried enough to call the supplied number. I just checked on Reverse Lookup and sure enough this one has been around a couple of years. First time I’ve had one on my mobile – usually on my landline which I don’t answer if I don’t know the number. Spam calls never leave a message on that.


    I hope you can read this wonderful Leunig Cartoon.

    After some 20 years exposure via running Greypath I never have a single day without some spam contact on mobile, home phone or via email. Its hard to believe that the ‘goodies’ cant backtrack spammers to their source, and either send destructive data down their throats in return or and bring such to justice. (An elderly friend just got done for $10 000 !!! and seeking bank based remedial action proved beyond him personally)


    Ray, sorry to hear about your friend.   These con artists are extremely clever, are they not.

    I’ve been getting almost daily calls threatening to cut off my internet.   I leave the landline permanently on  the message machine now, as everyone these days mostly call on the mobile.


    I was able to zoom in to the cartoon and read most of it.

    Leunig is a terrific cartoonist.


    My daughter just was contacted by her bank, re her account being scammed fortunately she only lost about three hundred dollars, the bank was good once she contacted them back they cancelled her card immediately, and she already has a new card, only three days later. Don’t know if she will get any money back though.( It was a debit card not a credit card)

    WE are getting the scam phone calls a lot lately, soon as I hear that strange voice I immediately hang up.

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