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    A few years ago, I posted about dangerous individuals plotting terrorist acts.  At the time, I was pooh poohed by certain people,(no longer here) accusing me of frightening people and exaggerating.          Firstly, I can’t imagine any tough old bird here on GP being frightened by me.  LOL

    But seriously, we now have quite a few of the little darlings in our prisons in Melbourne and Sydney at least.

    This in todays’ Australian.


    Two terrorists who burned down a Shia mosque have been jailed for an extra 10 years for their role in a conspiracy to use an improvised explosive device to kill people in Melbourne’s Federation Square on Christmas Day.
    Ahmed Mohamed, Abdullah Chaarani and Hamza Abbas were found guilty in December of conspiring with Hamza’s brother Ibrahim Abbas to plan a terror attack on Christmas Day 2016.
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    In sentencing the three men, Supreme Court judge Christopher Beale said they had embraced Islamic State’s hateful ideology and their own views were so warped they believed a mass slaughter of innocent civilians “would be a glorious act pleasing to Allah”.

    “The stupidity of that belief was only matched by its malevolence,” Justice Beale said on Friday

    Hamza Abbas, Ahmed Mohamed and Abdullah Chaarani. Picture: AAP



    Just watched yesterdays’ Question Time .   The Min for Home Affairs informed the House, there are currently 53 people in prison in relation to terrorist incidents.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    And if the govt had an ounce of common sense, all 53,would be on the next plane back to where they came from, not bludging on the taxpayers of this country ,but I won’t hold my breath waiting for any degree of sense ,common or otherwise from our Govt .If you boiled them all together , you would be hard pressed to save one working brain from the dregs


    Dusty, it’s possible, even probable, the criminals were born here.   In which case, the Govts’ hands are tied.

    If not, they most certainly should be shipped back when sentences are completed.

    Samantha Hagen

    Now having grown up with the ultimate deterrent – I am of the opinion that we should hang them for committing any terrorist act as this is murder.  Take a life – give up your own life.

    And all murderers caught with smoking gun too.

    Back in the 1960’s when the UN planners were deciding how to cause chaos enough for the world to cry out for Law & Order to be restored to a violent world where no citizen was really safe – the 1st cab off the rank was to ban the Death Penalty.

    UN (Green thinkers)They changed words to get the alterations they thought needed to get chaos going.

    Like we could “hang an innocent person”. When in reality is there is a doubt of any kind then a Life sentence was given so any new evidence cold release the person etc.

    Since then – violence  has spread and murderers get away with it as out in a short time.

    Back in 80’s in Perth WA – a young man kicked a Mt Tan,  taxi driver just doing his job, to death on the freeway.

    .ACA had a phone in – yes or no to being back the DP. Took down the phone network so many calls but prior to breakdown,  they were up to 98% YES bring back DP.

    BTW he served 18 months and out again only to be re-arrested soon after for another offence.

    Now we often see murderers do short prison sentence and out.

    More than time already – to bring back the Death Penalty.

    Most Asian countries still use it.

    If any doubt at all – then a life sentence should be given and was usually – so that if proven to be innocent – not often happening – but there in case – then person alive in jail and sentence can be squashed etc.  Compensation paid as has happened.

    But if caught red handed – no doubt on the part of the jury – then death.

    What do you all think?

    Terrorists should hang?

    Murders of any race or country caught here smoking gun should hang?


    Dusty WADusty WA

    I could not opt for the death penalty myself ,But if we do ever have it again,I would hope it would be a lethal injection,  not hanging


    I have a question.
    Would any of you be willing to set up the necessary apparatus, and operate that apparatus, to bring about the death of a person?
    I wouldn’t.
    If you think about it carefully, I doubt many of you would.
    Only a person with psychopathic tendencies could do so without qualms or regret.
    I would not take life unless it were IMMEDIATELY necessary to prevent injury to myself or to some other person.
    And even then it would be sheer instinct which would be driving me.

    We need to be mindful too that revenge is not a reason to take a life.
    When a group of persons sets out with that in mind, the resulting mob rule is extremely harmful to our society.
    We accept that not all will have good health throughout a lifetime, and we do what we can to look after them.
    We must also accept that a few persons will be born with ‘adverse tendencies’, and allow for that too.
    So I must advocate that we don’t go down the path of death for convenience, or to alleviate the anger of some.

    As a by-note, I wrote a response to this topic in a blank file, and deleted the text in error.
    Later I tried again, and did the same thing.
    So now I make frequent use of Ctrl + S to save as I go.
    My only excuse is the hot weather and lazy palms?
    I hope others will benefit from my experience.


    In my view capital punishment is nothing but legalised murder…in the U.K. too many people have lost their lives through capital punishment, one well known case is Timothy Evans… a very tragic case….


    I’m with you Samantha! So tired of the ‘ But they might not be guilty’! and ‘legalised murder’ cries. What about those poor victims who will subsequently lose their lives because of these views (of the minority).
    I would also like to know how people with these viewpoints can justify sending troops off to kill those in other lands that the government of the day has deemed should die. We are talking many thousands here not just one or two.

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