The five feet rule.

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    Has anybody thought this through?
    A separation of five feet or more might appear sensible.
    It should minimise the transfer of any vira by touch, and also by air droplets or particles.
    But it is only effective when the air is still, and you are not moving?
    When the air is moving, vira could be carried in to your personal space, and the air you breathe.
    If you were moving in a group, spread out of course, within a second or two you could be in the place occupied by the person ahead of you only a moment before.
    Right at that place there could be airborne vira, discarded by that person, and ready to be breathed in by you.
    So I adjure you to give careful consideration to where you walk on those occasions when you must venture out in to public space.
    I am beginning to think a mask would give sensible added protection at those times.
    What do others think, and please correct me if I have gone astray with my surmises.
    These are important considerations.

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