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    A quote from something I wrote in another thread:
    People will hesitate to change in the middle of a crisis.
    Same here in Australia if a major election were imminent.

    I am now rethinking this idea for Australia.
    I am thinking that the poor performance of our present government will be a factor at the next election.
    My sense is that this government is inept under pressure.
    It gives out no clear message.
    Anything important is buried in so much waffle it almost escapes attention.
    They are slow to react, and don’t do the things they should.
    Such as closing Australia’s border back in January.
    I was waiting each day for an announcement, but nothing happened.
    The present closing of state borders will partially overcome this setback.
    It all reminds me of the world’s approach to global warming.
    ‘Let’s put it off until the air is too hot to breathe.’
    A stitch in time saves nine, so going early, and going hard, is the only way to get ahead in the virus game.
    The government has demonstrated poor leadership.
    The way it approached our difficulty made it almost certain that many would die.
    We are now told to separate ourselves from those around us: to allow a lot of personal space.
    Without contact there should be little to no transmission.
    This principle applies to groups as well as individuals, so states are now closing their borders.
    This will help prevent the spread of the virus across the country.
    This COUNTRY should have closed its border ages ago, to prevent the virus being carried in to our population in the first place.
    It is almost as if those who are supposed to be making these decisions are asleep at the wheel.
    There are other things begging attention too.
    Shortages of goods in supermarkets for a start.
    If we are indeed on a ‘war-footing’, we need to have some form of rationing of supplies.
    Sooner rather than later.
    The supermarkets are doing the best they can.
    Mr M. with his half-hearted ‘stop it’ is not likely to stem the tide.
    I am sorry to sound so ‘hot under the collar’, but maybe my temperature is rising for another reason.
    Best to get the thermometer out now.


    To add a little bit of detail:
    The border should have been closed right at the start.
    It wasn’t, so where are we now?
    The border has been closed at long last, although not very effectively.
    The virus can still walk in and take a train home with you.
    But the border is closed; theoretically.
    Also, we have the massive internal disruption caused by the previously open border.
    Wouldn’t it have been easier just to close the border at the start?
    Then we could have avoided all the internal strife we have now?
    I am sorry to say it, but our government was far too slow off the mark.
    They didn’t govern effectively!
    All we can do is wait for them to pick up their feet, and get going.
    Where are the cool agile minds when we need them most?


    I’m very happy with the way our Premier in WA is looking after us. I think he has won the next election before it even starts. He has stood up for West Australians to keep us as safe as possible.
    I’m thinking that both our Premier and Prime Minister tried by first asking people to self isolate, stop panic buying and if Aussies were overseas asking them to come home as soon as possible. Some ignored all this so stricter rules were put into place. Yes maybe it should have all been done sooner and heaven forbid if we ever have another pandemic hopefully 2020 will be remembered and the people realise what they must do when asked.
    I wouldn’t want the PM’s or Premiers jobs right now as already they are looking so tired and worn out.

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