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    To those of you preoccupied with Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trumps disgraceful PARTISAN SOTU address let me remind you of a few facts you over look.
    There has never been a a more ridiculous SOTU address. Even Nixon admitted a few failings. This ego driven nut case is NOT an elected President. He is propped up by a biased colege vote. The college favours th right. America missed out on Al Gore as a potentily brilliant President due to the contrived biased voting system.
    Clinton won the popular vote by three million votes. In some countries thats a landslide!
    So lets at least be honest. Trump was NOT demoratically elected.
    Yes Nancy may have her red neck critics.
    But while some may think tearing up Trumps garbage was shocking I can assure you many appladed. Shocking?
    Well you can include me as a shocking person.
    I love America. I am here now.
    You would not believe it if you watch Fox news but most Americans have a deep respect for Nancy Pelosi

    THEY REALLY DO! AS you may have guessed I love her.
    I was frankly angry and disgusted by certain comments.
    I left the thread because I did not want a return to previous Greypath days.


    I am stunned by her billiance. I cannot understand why some dont see it.
    She looks like, as I think Dusty suggested, a nervous little bird.
    Still I would not advise anyone to get on her wrong side.
    This nervous little bird has often been a majestic eagle soaring rrough Congress.
    Pelosi has the rare distinction of being inducted into the National Womens Hall of Fame.
    A remarkably brave feminist not afraid to stand up to the most power hungry men.
    She may be hated by this so called President and his Fox buddies but she has been applauded by many real Prsidents including George Bush!
    She was and is the first speaker in the House of Representaives. A mens club ..she broke through that infamous glass ceiling,
    She achieved the Affordable Care Act and Fair Pay acts.
    She has worked for human rights,Womens Rights, African Americans Indigenous Americans Veteran LGBT people.
    One day they will make a movie about Pelosi. It will take an actress of great stamina to play her.
    Of course Donald Duck could play Trump. Donald Duck is as coherent.

    This is GreyPath may I remind you Nancy was born in 1940 and this frail little lady has more guts than many men!


    Thank you for your ‘rant’.
    I cannot see it as such.
    That would make it a bit harsh.
    I will treat it as your well reasoned view of the situation.
    May I respond with the following.
    Votes were cast; a tally taken; Trump won.
    All quite legal.
    So he is the President.
    If what I read is correct, he falls far short of the ideal.
    To a point where the parliament saw fit to impeach him!
    Nancy is a saint by comparison?
    But she shouldn’t have had a fit of ‘pique’, and publicly torn those papers.
    However, she is human, and the American Public can overlook one burst of odd behaviour from her?
    Politicians of all kinds are our employees.
    We pay them to represent their electorate in the parliament.
    To keep tabs on what is happening in their electorate, make decisions by taking in to account the attitude of their electorate, and to keep their electorate informed on any relevant matter.
    My feeling is we shouldn’t ‘worship’ them, or treat them as ‘super’ persons.
    We need to have more of a ‘business’ kind of relationship with them.
    In business there are no friends and no enemies. Just lawful trade.
    So exchanges with politicians should always be polite and businesslike.
    If they fall short of our reasonable expectations, they can be replaced.
    We shouldn’t need to go to war with them.
    Should their behaviour be so erratic that they cross a line, and enter in to ‘illegal’ territory, the law can deal with that.
    I think these are reasonable views, and I express them with the hope they will trigger a thoughtful response in someone, somewhere, somehow.
    As always, I like to hear other views. I learn from them.


    Dear Greypath I am so sorry I wrote a couple of long posts. I rarely do this and broke my rule.
    I read a few years ago that in social media and forums people NEVER read past the third sentence.
    I should know better. Sorry for my indugence. I was angry about the anti aaNancy stuff.


    No william although I disagree I too enjoy your posts.


    I have a serious question or two.
    Why get angry or upset if another person disagrees with your view about something?
    I am sure none of us have exactly the same ideas about everything.
    So if difference is to be a cause for anger, we will all be in ‘a right old state’ almost non-stop?
    If you are sure of yourself, others might cause ‘ripples’ around you, but not enough to ‘rock your boat’?
    If you are the one who disagrees, why not give a reason or two, so they understand your point of view?
    Would that be so difficult?
    I am entranced by the ‘three sentence’ rule too. Thank you Tiv.
    If we apply that to all which is written, newspapers will be down to a single page or less?
    Books the same?
    I would hazard a guess it really means that a reader’s interest must be caught in the first few sentences, otherwise he won’t read on.
    Personally, I read ALL the greypath posts with great interest.
    They are real ideas, from real people, living real lives.
    Why would they not be interesting?
    I try to read between the lines of each post too, to get a sense of who each person is.
    I try to make each post ‘come alive’, so it is not just a disembodied utterance from a distance.
    When I write about something here, I try to make it topical, give reasons where possible, and generally make it entertaining as well as informative.
    I try to write almost as if I am speaking to you in person.
    Whether I succeed or not is another matter. ^_^
    Thank you Tiv for your comment about this.
    I don’t see that any difference we have here needs to lead to heated argument or extreme anger.
    Life is too full of interest to waste time on pointless outcomes?
    We still have a lot of serious living to do.
    We should look for humour in life too, and keep a twinkle in each eye?
    Doing so might unexpectedly brighten the day for us?
    What sayest thou?


    William you need to stop lecturing.
    I am over it, had enough.
    By all means agree or disagree but stop lecturing.
    By all means diagree. I disagree with lots of people.
    I do not doubt your intelligence nor do I always disagree with you.

    You said

    So if difference is to be a cause for anger, we will all be in ‘a right old state’ almost non-stop?
    If you are sure of yourself, others might cause ‘ripples’ around you, but not enough to ‘rock your boat’?
    If you are the one who disagrees, why not give a reason or two, so they understand your point of view?
    Would that be so difficult?

    Its a sermon. Not a post in a forum.

    We are not talking about novels we are talking about forum posts.


    Tend to agree Tiv.

    Very long posts on a public forum that contain statement beginnings like:
    • We should …
    • We need to …
    • Our intelligence should allow us to …

    sound like lectures/admonishments to me, so I turn off. Probably not the poster’s intention but the sheer length of posts based on one person’s “thinking” is tedious to me at times. Sorry WtB.


    ‘No sweat’ as they say in the classics.
    You see it as a sermon.
    I see it as expressing a view in a logical fashion.
    I have always written that way, no doubt the product of my schooling and reading habits.
    I won’t change, so I guess there are now two less readers.
    That leaves only me and that stranger over there.
    The one in the suit of armour. I now know why he needs such strong protection.
    Thank you.
    Ho Hum. Such is life. ^_^

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