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    I was reading this and other news reports about the journalist involved in the alleged incidents.
    It seems that he and his family were subject to extraordinary measures, taken against them by authorities there.
    This is not only surprising, it is almost amazing!
    The comments or statements allegedly made to him might properly be articulated in the dialogue of a bad ‘B’ movie, but should never form part of what is effectively a business arrangement which exists between governments?
    My understanding is that journalists operate in another country with the effective permission of both governments?
    Surely, having been given permission to work in a country, it is incumbent on authorities there to allow them to do so?
    Instead, to subject them to degrading and extreme disadvantage, as is alleged in this case, is wholly inappropriate?
    I think it comes in to the category of ‘it almost defies description’.

    For the record…
    There should be no ‘friends’ or ‘enemies’ in business.
    Business is conducted at a neutral level.
    Imagine if you returned a faulty item to a business.
    Would the seller say that his feelings were hurt because you saw fit to return it?
    Would he say he was cut to the quick because you dared to say it was faulty?
    Would he cry out loud, and wring his hands in torment at your insistence it didn’t work?
    I certainly hope not.
    Any ethical businessman would remain neutral, and ensure you received a properly working item.
    He would have factored this adverse circumstance in to his selling price.
    That is business.
    Governments should likewise ‘keep calm’ during negotiations.

    The alleged experience of our journalist overseas would indicate that authorities there demonstrated an attitude which is strongly at variance with the accepted standards of our civilised world.
    I am inclined to believe our journalist, and can see no possible justification for the alleged ‘intimidation’ to which he was subject.
    One hopes Australia will remain open to any explanation which is forthcoming, but will not ‘cave in’ to intimidation.
    Appeasement has never worked in the past.
    I doubt it would in the future.
    Stand straight Mr Morrison!

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