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    Nobody, anywhere, has said anything about this, so I must.
    West Australians are being exhorted to bring back ‘the west aussie wave’.
    When driving a vehicle, they are encouraged to lift a hand in response to an act of kindness, or as a display of contrition after making a ‘mistake’ on the road.
    This is absolute nonsense.
    Hasn’t anyone heard of advanced driving techniques?
    Every driver of worth knows you keep two hands firmly on the steering wheel, unless driving procedures require you to do otherwise.
    (don’t take any notice of what you see in the movies)
    Also, don’t let your gaze wander in any direction not needed for good control of the vehicle.
    Not even for one second!
    When you drive, make it clear by your legal actions what you are doing, and intend to do, with your vehicle.
    Rely on other road users to observe you and behave professionally in return.
    The idea of allowing your gaze to wander randomly, and waving occasionally to other road users, is absurd and dangerous.
    Safe driving requires more than this casual attitude.
    Driving is more than a friendly walk in the park on a sunday afternoon.
    Though some appear to think otherwise, it is not unfriendly to drive in a professional manner.
    Quite the opposite. It is reassuring for others to observe you doing so.
    Let’s get back to driving this way, and forget all this ‘aussie wave’ nonsense.
    And do this before these crazy ideas result in tragedy.


    Grey nomads and country people in WA have been waving for years. I don’t always look at the oncoming vehicle to which I am waving, it depends on the road.
    Have you never waved a thanks to someone who has let you in from a side road onto a busy main road or let you merge.
    Have you never waved at the pilot vehicle trying to warn you to get off the road as a wide load comes through. The wave is an acknowledgement that you understand what to do.
    The wave can be with your hand still touching the steering wheel. It’s more a movement of fingers and not rudely done.


    I think a movement of your fingers on the wheel would be acceptable.
    Definitely not the ‘wave’ recommended in advertising here.
    I am almost horrified by what they suggest.
    And your eyes should remain firmly on areas relevant to your progress.
    A vehicle can travel a long way in one second whilst your attention is elsewhere.
    When the driver’s eyes don’t see where the vehicle is going…..
    And when checking your mirrors, where possible move your eyes only, not your head. Your eyes will be away from the road ahead for half a second less?
    One needs to suit an action to the circumstances, always aiming to be efficient.
    Also be cautious at all times?
    And on a lighter subject.
    How many of you are inveigled in to playing hopscotch with six-year olds?
    Lots of fun!
    And it adds something to that old saying: all’s fair in love, war, and playing hopscotch.

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