The World At War

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    In an ideal world, we would have only one internet provider.
    The management would aim to provide the very best service to customers.
    It would not be evasive or manipulating.
    It would just get on with the job.
    It would be an entity to be admired.

    Similarly, in an ideal world we would have only one parliament.
    All elected members would work towards creating progress and harmony for us.
    There would be no argument or dissension in the ranks.
    The members would be highly ethical, and focus only on looking after the people.

    Unfortunately, neither of these things is a reality.
    Instead, the human race is forever locked in a state of competition.
    Which is a form of combat.
    So one way or another, we exercise our fighting spirit.
    The most we can hope for is that it remains largely ‘friendly competition’.

    Moralistic stories have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ entities in creative conflict.
    Little Red Riding Hood versus The Big Bad Wolf, and so on.
    Good fights bad.
    We know instinctively that good, representing progress and stability, must succeed.

    The world around us falls far short of being ideal.
    I doubt it will change to any significant extent in the future.
    So we must ‘learn to live in a world at war, and still maintain the heart’s own private peace’?
    We are very good at doing that?


    You obviously like Orwell’s 1984


    Not only, but also!
    Sorry Mr Tiv.
    I couldn’t resist a little levity this afternoon.
    I sort of paraphrased a british comedy?
    I know you will understand.


    I thought it would be sensible to add a bit more to my response Mr Tiv.
    The bulk of what I learn comes from reading, listening, observing, reasoning.
    All the information goes in to a big ‘melting pot’ in my head.
    (it is crowded and hot in there)
    The information ‘mixes up’ and ‘averages out’.
    The ideas I express draw on this ‘averaged out’ data, and do not usually come from one particular source alone.
    Reasoning is high on the list, as it draws threads together in to a logical pattern..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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