To knee or not to knee, that is the question.

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    The more I think about this, the more I favour the driver’s attitude.
    He might have gone about things in a way which was less than sensitive to his passengers.
    However, there are sensible limits to displays of affection in public, and the driver should not be subjected to something he finds offensive.
    Perhaps he should just have asked them politely to desist?
    Imagine if the passengers had done the same things whilst sitting as observers in a court of law.
    Would the court totally ignore their behaviour?
    I very much doubt it.
    There are many times when we must maintain a ‘neutral’ face.
    The passengers were travelling in a public place, and should have remembered this.
    Would it have been so difficult to exercise ‘decorum’ for the short time they were in the vehicle?
    I think the employer has massively over-reacted here, and has done so because he thinks the rest of the public will reckon he is a good guy to do that?
    Children, of course, cannot be expected to be ‘perfect little people’, and some latitude must be given for the way they behave.


    I think everybody should limit their displays of affection in public.I have always thought so, maybe it was the way I was raised,who knows but it’s not just because I’m an old fuddy duddy. I have no wish to see anything else happening. A kiss, a cuddle, holding hands ,all good. Other than that save it for the privacy of your own home or a hotel room.
    Liken it to the difference between the old and new movies. Old movies left it to your imagination, newer movies there’s nothing left to the imagination.


    Mmmm from what I could see the chappie just had his hand on  his partners knee so what? Men frequently have their hands  on their partners shoulders or knees, if there was something else going on we didnt see it on the small piece of video. AND if they were gay  they wouldnt be doing anything  questionable in that car  journey I am sure .

    AND why was the driver watching them in the rear vision mirror instead of watching  the road?.


    Hi Gloria , nice to meet you on here.
    I have to ask, what makes you say “and if they were gay they wouldn’t be doing anything questionable in that car journey I’m sure”
    Gay or not no one should be doing anything questionable in a public area.
    Not that I catch taxi’s very often but when I have been in one I have noticed that when the driver talks he/she does look in the rear vision mirror. I would also think that because of safety reasons the driver may look to see what’s happening. Then again this driver could have been a pervert for all we know.
    I am not saying that what the driver did was right as one should not discriminate. Each and everyone of us are entitled to our own beliefs.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I agree Rachel, but their beliefs have no place in their workplace ,in this case his Taxi. When you sign up tp be a taxi driver you would have to be aware that all and sundry types and beliefs catch taxi’s and if you can’t accept that ,you are in the wrong job.  A hand on a knee is not an unacceptable act to the best of my learning



    Sorry Dusty I did word the beliefs bit wrong. You are right our beliefs should be kept out of the workplace.


    Just what would have constituted unreasonable behaviour by his passengers.
    Full-blown sex on the back seat?
    That would have broken other laws too?
    No seatbelts perhaps?
    And how far would that kind of behaviour need to be ‘wound down’ to become acceptable?
    Holding hands would be ok?
    It depends largely on circumstance and individual perception I think.
    Reaction could be anything from the distaste of my great aunt maude, to the ready acceptance of voyeurs.
    It is true taxi drivers must be flexible, but there are sensible limits.
    I think the driver handled the situation insensitively, but those around him over-reacted dramatically.
    And all drivers should ‘twitch’ eyes to the rear view mirror at least five times a minute.
    Each must have a clear mental picture of what is behind as well as ahead.


    I did have sex in a telephone box once.

    Ah that was a long long time ago when I was young and outrageous lol. I was much better looking too.
    Can you recall any outrageous places you made love?


    Haha tivolidreamer I think you have stunned us all into silence or everyone is battling to answer your question.
    A telephone box has my mind running riot, you must have been young and agile then 😂😂
    My answer to your question is that nothing out of the ordinary happened to me😊

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