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    Any one who likes Trump can surely now see after that debate he is a bully and a thug.
    Biden was quite right, he is the worse President in history.


    It concerns me that there are so many Americans who think Trump is the answer to their prayers. But then, a few years back, John Howard admitted to lying about the “children overboard” but he was elected.

    It’s anybody’s guess what the outcome of the US election will be. I hope, for the good of the planet, it’s Biden. Not that I think he’s perfect, but at least he’s not Trump.


    Pete in America it is a very dodgy electoral process.
    I have tried, in vain, to get certain people to understand that Hillary Clinton won. She won by close to 3 million votes! In a democratic country that would be a land slide.
    Alas simple maths aludes some people.
    For years there has been a push to get rid of the voting system.
    Trump worries me.
    It could mea, that the army may well dome in …


    I am surprised no one is questioning Amy Coney Barret.
    People are saying how wonderful it is that she is a woman and a mother!
    What kind of mother would accept a nomination from a man who separates children from their parents in detention?. It must be horrifying for little children.
    What kind of woman would accept a nimination from a man who boasts about grabbing women by, as he says, their pussy and laughing about it.?


    I am not quite sure what would be a good thing to say here.
    Perhaps just that if Hillary had won, she would be in the White House.
    To win, their voting system requires more than a simple majority.
    As does our own.
    And although the US of A is important to us as an entity on the world stage, their voting system is not.
    It is their own. It was set down long ago?

    We don’t know what decided Amy to accept the nomination as she did.
    Her reasons might not be as simple as one might suppose.
    But she was entitled to accept anyway.

    From afar we can scratch our heads at some of the antics of their politicians, but that is about it.
    No amount of OUR swiping or griping is going to make one iota of difference to them.
    The people there will make their own decision in due course.
    Perhaps we should just try to learn from the mistakes we THINK they make?


    Firstly there is no majority.
    The voting system, complete with conservative Nazi like, high court judges who can swing the peoples decision.


    There is no majority where the total votes are exactly split in two.
    Otherwise there is.
    I think also that people cast votes that denote THEIR intention.
    However they arrive at their conclusions, the vote they cast is a valid vote.
    I am not debating here, only adding what I think are facts.


    It seems we do influence the grand US of A?
    I quote these few lines from the article.
    The Australian ballot
    In the mid-1800s Australia pioneered a crazy new idea: Why not let people vote in secret? On a standardised ballot?
    The US would take noticeā€¦ eventually.
    It would take another 30 years for the first US states to adopt what became known as the ‘Australian ballot’.

    So you never know! One day they might well catch up to us in other things too.


    According to channel 9 news last night Mr Trump is popular enough to win this election. It was stated that he has done more for America than any other President. Do we just hear about the ,what I call the silly side of him.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 15 total)
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