Victoria and covid-19

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    I hope those in Greypath that are in Victoria and locked down again stay safe and well.
    People need to take isolation and quarantine seriously. I read that this outbreak in Victoria was caused by carelessness. Then someone took the infection from Victoria to the NT.
    I know the test is uncomfortable as I was required to have one before my surgery, but it must be done to help stop the spread of the virus.
    Those who refuse need to be quarantined for maybe a month.
    It makes one wonder just when all this will end.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I think it will be quite a while before we see the end of this horror Rachel,,sadly stupid people are a thorn in the side of the people who follow the rules


    Not good at all in Victoria and affecting the whole country now. Scary.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    And all because some people cant or wont follow the rules .I am sure none of us like it ,but hey,it’s better than being sick or dead


    “There is a desperate wish in Western societies that the worst be over. Relax, get on with life. Such feelings were background to the dreadful mistakes of the Victorian government that led to Melbourne’s new spike. This has produced figures as high as the peak at the pandemic’s start, but potentially much deadlier because then most cases were travel-related. Now they are community transmission.


    “The Victorian government made four stupid mistakes, even as it imposed the toughest lockdown regime in Australia.


    First, it didn’t supervise the quarantine hotels properly. It chose to use untrained security guards without even the most elementary common sense of having them supervised by police officers, soldiers or prison guards.


    Second, it made no serious effort to stop the Black Lives Matter mass demonstrations, unlike other governments.


    We will never know what effects these gatherings had on spreading the virus but they certainly led people to conclude that if it’s OK for 10,000 people to gather in the city, it’s surely OK for 10 or 20 to gather in my home.

    We also know that the timing is pretty indicative. A few weeks after the demonstrations comes a wave of infections.


    Third, Victoria was not as energetic in contact tracing as other jurisdictions.


    And fourth, a state government that prides itself on its multicultural credentials was not effective in communicating the social-distancing message to several ethnic and religious minorities whose generally perfectly innocent cultural practices were prone to spreading the virus.”



    These are the facts people.   The Vic Govt also refused the Fed Govts’ offer of sending soldiers to assist.     It’s all very well to blame a few family gatherings, but that is only a very small part of the story.



    Thank goodness we live in Bayside (Vic) there has been no cases that I know of at this stage reported in Bayside, Even so we are fairly careful only go out for household shopping ,but one of our sons rings regularly to check that we are ok seeing we are  oldies now- sob sob.

    I tend to think if it wasn’t so jolly cold and drizzly here in Melb life would be  a heck  more bearable, and maybe    alot  of folks would be  much happier .


    I see in today’s news that the NSW/VIC border is to be closed. A huge task.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I couldn’t think of anything worse than being locked in one of those God awful towers,but it is better than not having a roof over their heads ,and it appears the people packing the care packages are not to bright ,giving families cereal but no milk and other things I have to wonder if there any on special Diets /are they being looked after >I love Victoria ,but right now I am very pleased to have moved to WA in the seventies


    .. and one thing that really concerns me.

    With the circumstances that exist within all the “high-rise” buildings that are under lock-down in Victoria, it would take just one distressed soul to even accidentally cause a fire ..

    I’m sincerely hoping that there is an awareness in the minds of the”powers-that-be” of the this being a possible development as I believe, the situation will only get worse before it gets better ..



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