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    There have been some terrific old films screening on the TV which we really enjoy.

    Makes me wish the film studio’s would make some decent films these days,instead of all the murders, and crime films that seem to be to only ones they know how to make> What has happened to all the comedy, musicals,? some crime films were made years back but they were all enjoyable not the yuck ones we get these days, ugly looking men , same for the women, all scowling faces, pulling guns , flashing knives, cars crashing and so on. They just show a preview and off goes  our TV. Makes me feel that is why we have so much crime here in Australia these days , thats all the young folk get so they tend to copy.

    Well all of the above  words  are  my views and I know alot of folk wont agree, but I am from the  days when comedy was really enjoyable plus the dancing and just good happy stories not the ugly stories we get these days. What has happened to all the fabulous comedy that used to come from the BBC?


    Betty, I was thinking about your question: ‘What has happened to all the fabulous….’
    In response, I have to say that I am not at all sure movies and humour were better back then.
    It is just that we THINK they were?

    Youth and early adulthood is a special time in anyone’s life?
    Bodies are full of energy, and each experience is intense?
    Social standards, humour, entertainment: all of these become part of our youthful experience, and later in life they are viewed through the same forgiving lens, as we look back over time?
    So we naturally think there could be nothing better than the way it was?

    Our grandparents thought the same about their own early times?
    I remember they disapproved strongly of the beatles and elvis, and favoured modest movies, classical music, and prim humour.
    But really, the artists of our own times were and are clever and talented, and we are lucky they formed part of the life we lived.
    Notwithstanding that our parents and grandparents might have disapproved of them.

    I am not at all sure what is going on now though.
    There seems to be a lot of random noise and shouting in the younger set.
    (am I beginning to sound like my grandparents?)
    But I have to acknowledge that, amongst it all, there are gems hiding in the clutter.
    There is clearly a high level of talent in the younger set, even though it is expressed differently.

    However it is expressed, it becomes part of the experience of the youth of today.
    They will value it, and feel about it, in much the same way as we feel about the movies, music, and humour, from our own early times?
    Ours were not necessarily better?
    Today’s are equally vivid and valuable: it is just that they are different?

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