We need Obama

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    The crisis in America was predictable.
    The situation is bad.
    Yet again violence has been inflicted on African men by a corruptnpolice force.
    The video of George Floyd was deeply disturbing.
    The injustice against people of colour has gone too far.
    President Trump did nothing to bring peace. Indeed he inflamed the situation. He rambled on about second ammendment rights and warnings of how tough he was going to get.
    This ridiculous so called President and one who was NEVER elected by a majority is a disgrace.
    I suggest America brings in Obama to address America.


    The sooner they get rid of Trump the better…I heard on the news this morning where he will bring in troops………and him standing in front of a Church holding up a Bible…………Just looking or watching Trump gives me the creeps.YUK!


    There was another semi-literate man who claimed to be a Christian, and who condoned the murder of those who were different to the norm. We fought a world-war to get rid of him. Are we going to have to fight another war to get rid of this one?

    Craig SwansonCraig Swanson

    Trump was given a mandate by the silent majority in America same as Sco Mo was here. Those turning American streets into battle zones are the non silent minority aided by several radical leftie groups trying to bring down the current administration. Trump is far from perfect. He is not a politician but a businessman playing at politics. He is neither eloquent, discrete nor loyal. How many of his administration has he sacked since taking office. How many toes has he stepped on. How many people has he racially abused? He is driven by his patriotism and a Better America which sometimes clouds his judgement. Despite all these failings I believe and I venture to say that most Americans want him to remain as its leader. Mainly because the alternative is worse.


    Troll alert


    So well said Craig.
    Thank you.


    Craig … Mainly because the alternative is worse.

    For crying out loud: How worse could it be ???


    Craig, couldn’t agree more.  The old saying two wrongs don’t make a right.    Hundreds of thousands of businesses wrecked and stolen property way beyond what anyone could imagine,  illustrates a mentality that belongs in era of public executions. Shame.

    B FrankB Frank

    I think the prejudice against the American negro is so ingrained it may never be eliminated. That poor man’s recent death was tragic but running riot and looting is not the answer. Many Americans and people here protest just for the sake of it and others are hell-bent on violence, so adding all this together its a disaster waiting to happen.
    The heading ‘We need Obama’ I think is misleading as I cant recall anything he achieved while President and will rapidly fade from memory
    When one examines the long list of hopeless American Presidents its no wonder they are in the mess they are today

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 23 total)
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