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    This new book by a Japanese Zen Monk (Shunmyo Masuno) is a lovely read and makes so much sense.
    There are 100 daily practices described which are not at all onerous.
    From these I just picked out thoughts from a few that are helpful to me:

    · Speak loudly once a day breathing from the abdomen

    · When eating focus on the food and its origins

    · Go barefoot inside

    · Watch the sun setting

    · Adjust posture when sitting and try to decrease breaths to 3 or 4 per minute

    · Don’t allow unpleasant thoughts when going to bed – be thankful to have made it through another day

    · Don’t worry about things you cannot control

    · Appreciate and care for the things that you possess

    · Enrich meaningful relationships rather than have many superficial ones

    · Do not fear change

    · What is important is this day, this hour, this moment

    · Cherish being alive every single day.

    There are many others that I certainly do anyway.


    All of the above certainly make sense and when you read them several times and think about what they mean, they all ring true. I wonder how many folk would bother to practice any of the above, or at least try living with some of those thoughts. Actually its as you get older those practices start to mean something

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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