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    The website is what we make of it?
    If others don’t post, we cannot read their opinions.
    If we don’t post, they cannot read ours.
    It is fact that the only practical control we have over posts is over our own.
    No one else can post for us.
    So it is desirable that each of us express a considered opinion about a topical matter?
    We should not wait for others to do so first?

    ‘Biggles’, I am aware you are dissatisfied in some way.
    However, I am not sure why.
    You were not very explicit.
    You talk about changes to web design.
    Do you have any suggestions to offer?
    And by the way, I like your ‘nom de plume’.

    I find greypathers are a mixed bunch.
    I am aware they are not shy about expressing alternative views.
    They are ready with encouragement too.
    We could describe it all as ‘a bit of friendly rough and tumble’ I suppose.
    I say that with tongue firmly in cheek.
    But responsibility always comes back to each individual member?
    If we want an active site, it is up to each of us to make the effort to add to the overall ‘wordiness’?

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    Can I throw this one in for good measure?
    It might fail to raise a smile, but:
    it is late, and my guttering candle is sending shadows dancing around the walls.
    These disturb my train of thought.

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson decide to go camping.
    They pitch their tent under the stars, and go to sleep.
    In the middle of the night, Holmes wakes Watson, and says:
    Watson, look up at the sky, and tell me what you see.
    Watson replies: I see millions and millions of stars.
    Holmes then asks: and what do you deduce from that Watson?
    Watson replies: if even a few of the millions and millions of stars out there have planets like our earth, there could well be other life in the universe.
    That is a profound thought.
    Watson, you fool, says Holmes.
    It simply means someone has stolen our tent.

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    You know Betty: I think the occasional response to my feeble efforts can be as full of humour as my own post.

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    I am wondering if the lack of posts is partly due to typing ability?
    We didn’t grow up with computers being a large part of the life we lead.
    So we had to learn about them at a later stage.
    I have an idea that some would find typing awkward?
    Can you touch type easily?
    Can you type as fast as you think?
    If not, then you might be less inclined to record your thoughts this way?
    When I learned, I learned touch typing.
    I use a ‘mental picture’ of the keyboard.
    I now find it extremely awkward to type whilst looking at the keys.
    My typing on a mobile phone is at about three words per minute. ^_^
    Do others find ‘ordinary’ typing as difficult?
    What do you think about it?
    Am I somewhere near the mark?
    Or doesn’t typing speed have anything at all to do with it?

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    I find it difficult to accept the attitude of those who object to social distancing, and restrictions on gatherings.
    Hasn’t the reality of it all hit them yet?
    Are they intent on living an artificial life, in which only pleasant things can happen?
    To make hay while the sun shines, and bugger whatever the winter brings?
    The truth is, we at war with covid-19.
    We have no way of beating it yet, so we must avoid contact with it at all costs.
    Hence the social distancing and other measures.
    It is time for the ‘disbelievers’ to come back in to the fold.
    It is absolutely necessary for them to join with the rest of society, and help prevent the spread of the disease.
    Without firm measures being taken by all, they could well be one of the next victims.
    Is that what it will take to bring home to them that covid-19 is real, and that it is a serious matter?

    in reply to: Disharmony among leaders #93327

    This health crisis has certainly separated the men from the boys.
    Now we know which is which.

    in reply to: Donald Trump #93264

    Whatever one thinks of the american voting system, in recent times it installed the likes of Kennedy, Clinton, Obama.
    Whatever system they use, it applies to all of those who seek office.
    Provided there is no illegal manipulation, it can give a proper result.
    But if Mr Biden is successful, it will likely be by default?
    Mr Trump might well shoot himself in the foot so many times, that he won’t be able to make it over the line?
    And I still say there is far too much emphasis on their President.
    They have properly installed government all over the US of A.
    It is this institution which provides necessary guidance, and holds their system together?
    It is the true driving force which keeps their society on a straight and narrow path?
    The president should merely hold the reins as it were?
    Not be a one man band?

    in reply to: Donald Trump #93248

    I thought about this again last week, but didn’t write anything.
    I thought: when I see Biden’s comments reported, I think he sounds reasonable, even competent.
    When I see him on Tv, and hear him speak, all those positive ideas turn to negative ones.
    Maybe his running-mate will bolster his chances?
    I am also not impressed by Mr Trump.
    He certainly doesn’t behave in the way one would expect of him.
    But America will make the right choice.
    The voters mostly do?
    I am sure all of them realise the importance of ‘getting it right’.
    And I think something else too.
    In days of old when men were bold… there were different rules.
    But we don’t live like that any more.
    We now live in a democracy.
    Should we be in conflict with another person, we have options.
    We can attempt to discuss the matter calmly.
    If this doesn’t work, we can either seek legal redress, (through the courts?), or perhaps it becomes a police matter?
    We most certainly don’t attack another person because we feel like it, unless in immediate response to extreme and illegal harm IN PROGRESS.
    We simply cannot have the advantages of a democracy, and pay only lip service to its rules.
    That just won’t work.
    We must have the strength to accept what is right.
    And Mr Tiv. I don’t say that I am right about everything.
    I just put forward a polite written opinion about something.
    Perhaps it gives food for thought: perhaps it doesn’t.
    And having written an opinion, I often think some more, and change that opinion in some way.
    Sometimes I don’t.


    I don’t see what compassion has to do with it.
    No one has been hurt by the word coon.
    It is just a sound in the air.
    Any hurt comes from within the person himself.
    So he should become less ‘sensitive’?
    Stop looking for an intention which doesn’t exist?
    Start being realistic and logical?
    For example, what was said or done a hundred years ago is in the past.
    The people involved have all faded away.
    Are we going to continue with some kind of feud on their behalf?
    It must take an Australian to be logical I suppose? 😁
    After all, we can call our best mate rat-face and much worse.
    But luckily, no one I know has ever taken exception to bawdy banter.
    People understand it is a form of friendly ‘tussle’.
    We are deliberately different when addressing the ‘fairer sex’ of course.
    Any ‘tussle’ with them is on a completely different level.
    And formal situations are best served by formal speech.
    So I wish people would stop living in the past.
    And I wish people would stop being vengeful towards each other.
    Start looking for the good other people do?
    Become aware it is they who provide real help in a time of crisis?
    Especially right now with covid-19.
    But all this is too much to hope for I suppose?

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