Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis - Site ManagerRaymond Lewis is the founder of Greypath. He is an ex RAAF navigator, high tech entrepreneur and public company chairman. He built Greypath in 2000.

His interests include DIY, marine science & wildlife care, diving, writing, environmental photography, educational video making, aged sector advocacy, disabilities sector support and business.

He was the Victorian Senior Achiever of the year in 2007, was awarded a Coastal Heroes Medal in 2008 (marine environment sector advocacy) and an OAM for Ageing and Technology, in 2009. In 2014 he was appointed Bayside Council’s  Environmentalist of the Year.

To Join Greypath  Contact Ray via e-mail by clicking here and a simple ‘how to join up’ will be mailed to you, plus a comment as to why we take this indirect path.


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